Mist Generation Kit 5000 ml/Hr

Manufacturer part number: SMUTK5000LV110V
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Part Number: SMUTK5000LV110V

Mist Generation Kit - 5000 ml/Hour

Dimensions:  255mm x 88mm x 28mm height
Resonant frequency fr: 1.70 MHz± 
Mist Production: 5000 cc/Hr*
Working water Level: 40~80mm above the transducers (Optimum=> 30~50mm)
Working Temperature: +1°C ~ +50°C
Overheating Protection:  50°C
Water level protection: Yes
Power: 300W
Input Voltage: 110V AC
Current Draw: 4.5A
Cable length: 4.9m
Housing: Chrome\Nickel plated Copper. Excellent heat dissipation.
Contents : Mist Kit and power supply.
Test Condition: 23±3 °C 40~70% R.H.

PRODUCT INCLUDES:  110V AC Power supply, performance enhance nozzles and floater.

Applications: Nebulizer transducer, Aromatherapy mist generation transducer, Mist generation transducer for Hydroponic chamber, Humidifier transducer, Inhalation and disinfection equipments, Humidification in refrigerated food displays and storage, living environment and air conditioning plants, Hydroponics cultures, Humidification in industrial process, control for lubrication, coating, Facial beautification, ICP instrument and others.
*Typical values on laboratory testing. These values will depend on Voltage, water temperature, humidity and fan speed.

Specification of products can change without notice.

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