Ultrasonic Air Transducer 300 KHz

SMATR300H19XDA - 1 Pc/Set
Manufacturer part number: SMATR300H19XDA
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Part Number: SMATR300H19XDA

Our Piezo Air Transducer is Water proof and it is Transmitter/Receiver on the same unit.

Dimensions: 19mm X 16mm
Best Operating Frequency: 300 kHz +/- 5%
Min. Transmit Sensitivity: 95 dB re 1µPa/V at 1m at best transmit frequency.
Min. Receive Sensitivity: -180dB re 1V/µPa at best receive frequency.
Min. Parallel Resistance: 650 +/- 30%
Min./Max. sensing range*: 4cm – 1m
Typical sensing range: 5cm – 50cm
Free (1kHz) Capacitance: 260pF +/- 135pF
Beamwidth (-3dB full angle): 10° +/- 2°
Maximum Driving Voltage: 400Vpp (2% duty cycle tone burst)
Operating Temperature: -20°C to 70°C
Weight : 2.4g
Housing Material: Glass filled polyester
Acoustic Window: Glass reinforced epoxy
All specifications typical at 22°C and subject to change
* Pulse–Echo Mode. Min and Max ranges are best case scenario and depend on drive circuitry and signal processing.

Specification of products can change without notice.

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