Due to Covid-19 virus there are fewer airplanes flying International routes. Thus, there is a HUGE delay on International orders shipped by USPS.
Currently there are no delays on International orders shipped by FedEx, UPS or DHL and you can select collect freight when placing your order.



- We do not accept returns for Piezo products. They are treated as electronic components. All orders are non cancelable-non returnable (NCNR).
- International orders when shippped by USPS must be tracked on the website of your local Postal Service that handles "Express Mail Service" (EMS) packages. Most of the times your local service will not nofity you that the package is held at Customs waiting for payment Duties and Taxes. Depending on how long the package is wating for the payment, they will return the package to us and we will not be responsible for paying yo resending it to you. KEEP TRACKING THE PACKAGE UNTIL YOU RECEIVE IT. 

- Cost of international shipping reflects shipping by "Express Mail Service" (EMS) from the USPS with online tracking.
- We can also ship your order Freight Collect on your UPS, FedEx or DHL account. For that, just select "Freight Collect" when placing your order and enter your courier information. UPS requires billing ZIP code and phone number for order shipped collect so please have this information ready.
- Orders placed before Noon E.S.T. are normally shipped on the following business day. For any other arrangement please contact us before Noon E.S.T.
- Purchases can be made, on our website, from anywhere in the world. Shipping cost is calculated automatically based on the customer's IP location.
- You can simulate your order by adding the products to the shopping cart and when you click on checkout, you will see the cost for the products, shipping as well as the total for the order.
- Shipping cost shown reflects where you are located based on your IP location. If you are in the USA and want to place an order to be delivered overseas the shipping cost shown will not be the correct one and if you are overseas and want to place an order to be delivered in the USA the shipping cost shown will be for international order as shipping is calculated based on your IP Location.
For these two types of scenario, please email us your order and we will send you and online invoice with the correct shipment included.
Orders are shipped on the following business day when placed before 12:00PM EST.
- Product specs can change without a notice.
- Please check your local duties and taxes prior of committing to a purchase to avoid surprises. We don't have the means of knowing it.
- Due to the variety of uses of each of our products, we don't have the means to help with schematics, electronic diagrams or development of the solution.