Piezo Air Transducer 200 KHz 28mm

SMATR200H28PK - 1 Pc/Set
Manufacturer part number: SMATR200H28PK
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Part Number: SMATR200H28PK 

Our Piezo Air Transducer is Water proof and it is Transmitter/Receiver on the same unit.

Housing Material: Plastic & Copper
Dimensions: 28mm X 12.3mm
Nominal frequency fr: 200kHz ± 2%
Wires/Connections: 32mm Wires
Sensitivity: -74 dB Min. (0dB = 100Vpp 10 Bursts/20cm)
Capacitance: 450pF±20%
Max. Input Voltage: 200Vp-p (Impulse wave)
Ringing: 0.6 ms Max.
Tipical Directive (-6dB): 8º
Test Condition: 22±3 °C 40~70% R.H.
* Actual properties will depend on driving circuit. 

Applications, among others, are: Distance Meter, Distance Sensor, Sound Detector, Robot Navigation, Send/Receive data, locating, Flow measurement, traffic measurement, Water Level Sensor.


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