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Stack Actuator 7x7x18mm 20um with Ball Ends

Stack Actuator 7x7x18mm 20┬Ám with Ball Ends
Manufacturer part number: SMPAK157718D20EK
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Part Number: SMPAK157718D20EK

Spherical metal end caps allows for applications where the force is applied to a moving part and it can largely diminish the static friction. Offers better load distribution, are simpler to mount and reduces bending.

Stack piezo actuators are used as linear electromechanical drivers or motors. They act mainly like an expanding element generating a compressive force. The complete motion cycle is nearly proportional to a voltage signal input from DC up to high frequencies. Compact size, accurate positioning in nm, high-speed response and large blocking force. High energy conversion efficiency, low power consumption and no electromagnetic noise. Easy to be controlled by voltage.

Dimensions(LxWxH): 7×7x18mm
Capacitance: 2.8uF±10% @1V1KHz
Displacement: 20 µm@150V±10%     
Max Input Voltage: 150 V DC
Blocking Force: 1700 N@150V
Stiffness: 100 N/um
Test Condition: 25±3 °C 40~70% R.H.
Coating: UV Resin

Applications: Precision mechanics and mechanical engineering. Life sciences, Medicine and Biology. Pneumatic & Hydraulic valves. Nano positioning/ High-speed switching. Active and Adaptive optics. and others.
Notes: This stack actuator can vibrate at frequencies up to 200Hz, continuously, for 120 Hours.
It will generate heat, due to dielectric loss, when pulsed voltage is applied. Heat can also be caused by incorrect mounting.
Temperatures above 85C for periods longer than 30 minutes will damage/destroy its piezoelectric properties.

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