Air Transducer 60 Khz

SMATR10H60X80 - 2 Pc/Set
Manufacturer part number: SMATR10H60X80
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Part Number: SMATR10H60X80

Piezo Electric Ceramic Air Transducer 60KHz with 4"wire leads, PTFE 30 AWG.
New concept of Ground wire cold pressed on the housing to avoid bad contact like on older versions where the Ground wire could create bad connection under vibration.

Housing Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: 10mm Diameter x 8 mm Height
Nominal frequency fr: 60 KHz
Sound Pressure Level:  100 (1*)    
Wires/Connections: 4"wire leads, PTFE 30 AWG
Sensitivity: -93 min dB (2*)
Directivity: 80±15° ° (3*)
Capacitance: 1600pF±15% Pf (4*)
Max. Input Voltage: 140Vpp
Test Condition: 23±3 °C 40~70% R.H.
Applications, among others, are: Distance Meter, Distance Sensor, Sound Detector, Robot Navigation, Send/Receive data

Notes: Echo Sensitivity =150mV, Decay Time =1.2ms
1* => Sound pressure level: 0dB/20µ Pa
2* => Sensitivity: 1V/?bar
3* => Directivity is a typical value. It can be changed by operating circuit and fixing method of the transducer.
4* => at 1KHz

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