Ultrasonic Flow Sensors 1 MHz

Ultrasonic Flow Sensors 1 MHz
Manufacturer part number: SMFM21971MH
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Part Number: SMFM21971MH

Easy to mount and solder. Low power consumption, excellent for long-term uses with consistent performance.
Advanced structural design, high distortion resistance.
It can be used as a liquid flow meter or as a liquid level sensor. The enclosed design of the product’s case allows for directly contacts with the liquid while preventing the performance problem usually created by mounting. 

Piezo Material: SM111
Dimensions: 21mm x 9.7mm
Echo Sensitivity: -30 dB Min. (0dB = 6.0Vpp 10 Bursts/5cm)
Distance Detection: 0.1 ~ 5.0m
Typical Directivity: 7°  (-6 dB)
Maximum Driving VOltage: 100Vpp
Static capacitance Cs: 1200pF±20%@
Resonant frequency fr: 1 MHz ± 5 %
Pressure Resistant: 2.5 Mpa
Operation Condition: -30°C-~+80°C
Test Condition: 23±3 °C 40~70% R.H.
Housing material:  PPS

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