Piezo Ceramic Disc 10mm 20 MHz

SMD11T1112S - 1 Pc/Set
Manufacturer part number: SMD11T1112S
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Part Number: SMD11T1112S

Piezoelectric Ceramic disc. Silver electrodes being one on each side (S configuration).  Thickness mode vibration application

Piezo Material: SM112
Dimensions: 10mm diameter x 0.1mm thickness
Resonant frequency fr: 20 MHz ± 2%     
Resonant impedance Zm: ≤0.3 Ω
Static capacitance Cs: 6.84nF ± 15%
Test Condition: 25±3 °C 40~70% R.H.
fr, Zm, Kp => Thickness mode vibration application
Cs => LCR meter at 1KHz 1Vrms

Applications: Piezo transducer for vibration, micropump, transducer for matter dispersion, sonar transducer Ultrasonic sensor, vibration sensor, wall thickness sensor, material stress sensor, pressure sensor, energy electricity harvesting, compression sensor, piezo expansion sensor and others.

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